What are film subgenres?

A Film's subgenre is a classification type that is more specific than the genre and refers to the different subjects the script addresses, its various plot points, the trends it uses or its different settings. Film genres usually branch into subgenres, but a subgenre is not necessarily bound to a particular genre.

What are the different types of film subgenres?

We, at Tales of Terror, use the following film subgenres to categorize the films we rate and review:


What is a slasher film?

Slasher films involve multiple murders sparsely committed by an antagonist.

What is a whodunit film?

Whodunit films involve antagonists whose identities protagonists and the audience ignore.

What is an invasion film?

Invasion films involve the private properties of protagonists being trespassed on and territories being occupied, swarmed or captured.

What is a haunting film?

Haunting films involve people being possessed, places being haunted or objects being cursed.

What is a monster film?

Monster films involve supernatural entities or creatures with deformities, disproportionate bodies, significant scars, mutations or magical powers.

What is a torture film?

Torture films involve protagonists or antagonists willing to inflict severe pain or dismemberment and not necessarily kill in order to achieve their goals.

What is a puzzle film?

Puzzle films involve complex enigmas designed by antagonists that unravel like jigsaw puzzles, contests or games  for the protagonists and viewers.

What is a disease film?

Disease films involve a realistic or supernatural illness; physical or psychological.

What is a psychological film?

Psychological films involve characters being emotionally and intellectually affected or challenged.

What is a spiritual film?

Spiritual films involve characters being philosophically and spiritually affected or challenged.

What is a war film?

War films involve a war climate, setting, ambiance, or interaction with an army or a guerilla.

What is a procedural film?

Procedural films involve a police, forensic, legal, scientific, magical or paranormal investigation.

What is a Gothic film?

Gothic films involve Gothic themes, music, architecture, props and costumes.

What is a witchcraft film?

Witchcraft films involve spell casting, Wicca, necromancy, divination, demonology, white magic, black magic, Satanism, voodoo and many other types of magic.

What is a slapstick film?

Slaspstick films involve an exaggerated and hysterical level of physical comedy.

What is a found footage film?

Found footage films involve a first person view of the action meant to appear improvised by the cinematographer, from which the footage is lost then found and edited for the viewer.

What is a Lovecraftian film?

Lovecraftian films involve elements associated with Lovecraft's world; namely the unknown, the unnamable, the indescribable and the otherness.

What is a Western film?

Western films involve scenes or elements taking place in or strongly inspired by the later half of the 19th century in the American Old West.

What is a sport film?

Sport films involve sport elements, themes or scenes.

What is a crime film?

Crime films involve criminal activities and themes; theft, trafficking, assault, rape and murder, namely, while exploring risks taken, shenanigans and their consequences.

What is a period piece film?

Period piece films involve several scenes or the entire film being shot in the past; prior to the time the film was shot in.

What is a time travel film?

Time travel films involve characters switching from one time period to another; in the past, the future or alternate timelines.

What is an apocalyptic film?

Apocalyptic films involve a plot that takes place shortly before, after or during an apocalypse.

What is a prison film?

Prison films involve characters spending time in jail or confined in a room by some authority or a captor.

What is a steampunk film?

Steampunk films involve futuristic technology combined with designs of the 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

What is a road film?

Road films involve protagonists on a road trip or spending a lot of time on roads.

What is a musical film?

Musical films involve dialog that is sung and not always or never spoken.

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