Movie Quintessence

Movie Quintessence

Movie quintessence measures the purity of movies or complexity of movies based on their genres, subgenres, antagonists and moods. There are several ways this tool can be used. Here is an example of a typical method:

1) Select an ANTAGONIST of your choice using the ANTAGONIST drop-down.

2) Select QUINTESSENTIAL using the ANTAGONST PURITY drop-down.

3) Select ANTAGONIST PURITY using the SORT BY drop-down

4) Press APPLY

The list you get represents the movies considered the most quintessential/typical to your antagonist. These movies featuring the selected antagonist and not much else. The lower you get in the list, the most complex the antagonist list gets for any given movie.

You can reverse this order using the ORDER drop-down. Since they are story compilations, anthology films tend to have more complex lists of antagonists. You can exclude them from the search results using the ANTHOLOGY drop-down.

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A film director decides to make a sequel to a bad horror movie with a bigger budget.
Rival collectors stumble upon preserved mutated foetuses that aren’t quite dead.
A teenager is convinced to play a role in a pornographic film.
A serial killer convinces a girl to have sex with him.
A woman is abducted by a serial killer who tortures and rapes her.
A man is imprisoned by a doctor who tortures him in order to extract chemicals from his bloodstream.
A serial rapist lures a woman in a motel room to take advantage of her.
Two women are abducted by a group of snuff filmmakers.
A virgin is brutally raped and murdered by goat herders after her half sister has invoked a pagan curse.
Strange things start happening after a girl is found drowned in a lake.
A sadist tortures a girl he kidnapped and broadcasts it over the internet.
A man aspires to replace the real director of a movie and make it his own by creating his personal cut.
A serial killer films his every murder.
A man plays the creepy content of a box of DVDs and VHS tapes.
A man locks himself in his bathroom and mutilates himself as a sacrifice to his goddess.
A film crew ventures into the forest to document an urban myth.
Three drunk friends holding a seance unintentionally summon a dead witch.
A deranged woman's mental condition spirals down.
A bulimic prostitute gets tortured.
A bulimic prostitute descends into madness.


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