CHEESE: Movies So Bad They are Good

Movies good because they are bad...
Rating Requirements:
Quality RatingQuality RatingQuality RatingQuality RatingQuality RatingQuality Rating 
Acting RatingActing RatingActing RatingActing RatingActing RatingActing Rating 
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingRewatchability RatingRewatchability Rating 

To be listed as a recommendation, a film SO BAD IT'S GOOD must have a QUALITY RATING of 3/4 or less, an ACTING RATING of 3/4 or less, a STAR RATING of 2.5/4 or more and a REWATCHABILITY of 1.5 or 2/4.

Select a genre, threat or/and subgenre to narrow the results.

These are lists of movies ranked from the best to the worst using the sum of eight different ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, creepiness, story, creativity, acting and quality.

Horror Movie Rating Priorities
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Teenagers partying in a cabin in the woods become possessed by demons.
A monster escapes from a horror comic book and visits a battered boy to inspire him in his vengeance scheme.
A storytelling specter assists a boy in plotting revenge against bullies.
A shady mask factory plots to decimate the children population worldwide on Halloween night using a rigged live broadcast.
The employees of a medical supply warehouse come in contact with a toxic gas that turns the living and the dead into contagious brain-eating revenants.
On Halloween night, partying teenagers stir up spirits inside an abandoned house after a seance.
Teenagers unknowingly carry a demon curse from a haunted house to their school on Halloween night.
Alien clowns from outer space terrorize a small town.
While attempting to confirm the death of a revenant, a teenager instead re-animates his past assailer, allowing him to resume his murder spree.
Siblings and their friends, while driving to the desecrated tomb of their grandfather, run out of gas and become the victims of cannibals.
A former marshal infiltrates an underground cannibal hideout to rescue an abducted night radio host.
A masked psychopath stalks and kills teenagers.
An infamous vengeful teenager murderer confined to a lake cheats death and return to his old killing patterns.
A supernatural serial killer considered slayed escapes a morgue to return to the lake where he once drowned.
A boy gone bald uses a magic recipe given to him by ghosts to grow back his hair.
A security guard obsessed by a horror movie attempts to recreate his favorite scenes by kidnapping people and stitching them together.
An industrial saboteur is hired to investigate a popular product with abnormal properties.
A medical students attempts to re-animate his dead girlfriend using body parts from dismembered prostitutes.
The ghost of a prom queen terrorizes the students of a high school.
Two cousins become addicted to a horoscope hotline that grants wishes in return for evil favors.