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High schoolers recognize horror movie patterns in the recent deaths of other students.
Teenagers held in a mental institution become the victims of a mad man who invades nightmares and kills through them.
Haunted by a specter in her nightmares, a teenager discovers she is propagating her death curse among her friends.
A teenage girl and her friends die one by one after being tricked and tortured by an evil figure that haunts nightmares.
An amnesic teenager who fears sleep is brought to a shelter and is evaluated by mystified specialists.
A resuscitated dream demon tracks down the woman who defeated him and tampers with her pregnancy to regain his powers.
Three burglar break into a house occupied by a dangerous couple and become trapped.
After being sent to the electric chair, a serial killer uses electricity to come back from the dead.
Filmmakers rebooting a popular horror franchise find themselves endangered by a real-life manifestation of the antagonist featured in the script.
A teenager whose friends were murdered by obsessed horror movie fans suspects she is now being stalked by a copycat.
While visiting her hometown during a book tour, the surviving victim of a series of massacres suspects she is the target of a new copycat killer.
A copycat killer decimates the cast and crew of a popular horror movie based on actual events.
A teenager worries about a series of recurring nightmares in which a man threatens to possess his body.
Two teenagers are kidnapped, tortured and raped by a dysfunctional family of criminals.
Two supernatural serial killers responsible for the deaths of hundreds of teenagers fight each other for territory.
A woman is kidnapped by a stranger on a plane.
An anthropologist goes to Haiti to obtain a drug used by alchemists to turn people into zombies.
A family is attacked by irradiated cannibals in a desert.
A teenager attempts to save his dead friend by implanting robotic microchips into her brain.
Three young adults mauled by a werewolf must defeat it in order to lift their own curse.
Two teenagers looking for drugs are kidnapped and raped by a group of criminals.
National Guard trainees are stalked and killed by mutants in a desert.
A family's car breaks down in an land inhabited by violent savages.
After a laboratory incident, a scientist turned into a mutated plant monster gets his revenge on those who stole his secret formula.
A vengeful spirit invades the dreams of a group of teenagers and kills them while they sleep.
A travelling vampire must find a lover in America.
A group of friends rally to stop a digital entity from taking over the world.
A religious community is decimated by a mysterious figure.
A man returns to the location of a massacre he survived to participate in a dirt bike race.
An undead serial killer stalks seven children who were born the day he died.
A family moves to a suburban town and is coerced into joining a strange club.
A teenager suspects her cousin might be a witch.
A cryogenized man awakens accidently and without a soul.
A cop teams up with a psychic to track down a serial killer.
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