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Masters of Horror John Carpenter (Ranked)
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In Antarctica, a group of scientists comes in contact with a hostile alien parasite that lurks inside their camp.
A freak accident turns a businessman invisible, which gets the attention of the CIA.
A shady mask factory plots to decimate the children population worldwide on Halloween night using a rigged live broadcast.
An investigator discovers the strange impact a horror writer's books have on his readers.
A masked psychopath stalks and kills teenagers.
A possessed car becomes jealous of its owner.
A woman confronts a murderer who killed her friends on Halloween night four decades ago.
A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to see through an alien barrier.
A woman who escaped a serial killer believes he son might be in danger.
A small town's women give birth to hostile children with psychic abilities.
A coroner tells the dark stories of three corpses.
A psychiatrist assists a policeman whose daughter was murdered in tracking down the serial killer responsible before he slaughters his only victim still alive.
A woman is being stalked and tormented in her apartment by a stranger.
A troubled kid who turned mute after surviving a serial killer's massacre discovers she has a reciprocal telepathic link to him.
Tailed by his psychiatrist, a murderer raised by a dysfunctional family who escaped from a psychiatric ward on Halloween night stalks teenagers.
A team of vampire slayers searches for a relic that could grant its enemies immunity to sunlight.
A haunted fog invades an island and kills its inhabitants.
A glowing fog covers a coastal city and terrorizes its inhabitants.
People once victims of a notorious serial killer unite to break his curse as he returns to his home town.
Contestants of an online reality show are stalked and killed.
A research team finds a mysterious cylinder in a deserted church.
An institutionalized woman is haunted by a ghost.
A Martian police unit is sent to pick up a dangerous criminal at a mining post.
A small town deals with a rattlesnake invasion.
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