Checklist of Terror: Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie & Demon Movies

This book contains a checklist of vampire, werewolf, zombie, and demon films sorted in order of preference. The ranking is established by the sum of 8 ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, story, creativity, acting, quality and creepiness. How many have you seen?

Ranked Franchise Horror Movies

Select one movie franchise to see how its movies rank from best to worst. Select multiple movie franchises to juxtapose their installments in a list from the best to the worst.

A film franchise, or movie franchise (also referred to as a film series or movie series) is a collection of related films in succession that share the same universe, or are marketed as a series. A movie franchise is a collection of films related by copyright. Sequels, prequels, remakes, re-imaginings, spin-offs and public domain films are common examples of franchised films.

These are lists of movies ranked from the best to the worst using the sum of eight different ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, creepiness, story, creativity, acting and quality.

Horror Movie Rating Priorities for Steve Hutchison
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Aboard a spaceship, a scientist attempts to destroy a cursed puzzle box created by his ancestor.
A revenant manipulates his ex-lover into seducing and killing men so he can restitute his flesh using their blood.
An institutionalized murder suspect who recently defeated a demon attempts to convince her doctor she is innocent.
A reporter investigates a man who feeds a cursed pillar human blood.
A corrupted detective investigating a streak of sadistic murders finds a puzzle box that triggers strange events when solved.
A genie attempts to grant its owner three wishes in order open a gateway to his dimension.
An evil genie hunting for souls is put in prison while in human form.
A car accident victim investigates his wife’s disappearance.
The community of an online horror game gets slaughtered during a get together.
A subversive reporter receives a videocassette depicting an act of resurrection and tracks down the producers.
Two detectives investigate a series of murders with a connection to another world.
An evil genie haunts the woman who freed him from a cursed jewel.
A woman unwillingly releases an evil genie from a gem stone she was offered.
A couple grieves the disappearance of their son who went missing during a trip to Mexico after purchasing a cursed puzzle box.
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Sharks can be giant, mutated, metallic, or prehistoric. Some of them live in tornadoes, some in the snow. Sharks are our friends, except when they’re hungry, which they usually are. If you show signs of weakness or aggression, you will be attacked. If you bleed, you will be attacked. Shark Week is the time of the year when you do not want to be swimming with sharks. In this book, I review 64 shark movies ranked from worst to decent. If you watch them in order, they will only get better.

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