The Almanac of Terror 2019: 89 Years of Horror Movie Statistics

The following recommendation lists are based on 2000 horror movie reviews. They were extracted from a database and formatted for this book. Tales of Terror ( is an online “gamified” tool designed for horror fans, students, authors and filmmakers. “Gamification” is the adaptation and transformation of tangible concepts into empirical games. Not unlike sport publications, fantasy leagues and role-playing games, the Almanac of Terror mixes and aggregates different statistics, facts, ratings and opinions. Most of the lists included in this book are sorted from best to worst according to their overall score. Some lists are sorted by pertinence. Our classification method uses genres, subgenres, ambiances and antagonists. Our different ratings are as follows: stars, story, creativity, action, quality, gimmick, and rewatchability. We sometimes use the “creepiness” factor when populating certain lists.

Ranked Franchise Horror Movies

Select one movie franchise to see how its movies rank from best to worst. Select multiple movie franchises to juxtapose their installments in a list from the best to the worst.

A film franchise, or movie franchise (also referred to as a film series or movie series) is a collection of related films in succession that share the same universe, or are marketed as a series. A movie franchise is a collection of films related by copyright. Sequels, prequels, remakes, re-imaginings, spin-offs and public domain films are common examples of franchised films.

These are lists of movies ranked from the best to the worst using the sum of eight different ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, creepiness, story, creativity, acting and quality.

Horror Movie Rating Priorities for Steve Hutchison
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Siblings and their friends, while driving to the desecrated tomb of their grandfather, run out of gas and become the victims of cannibals.
A former marshal infiltrates an underground cannibal hideout to rescue an abducted night radio host.
A masked psychopath stalks and kills teenagers.
A woman confronts a murderer who killed her friends on Halloween night four decades ago.
A woman who escaped a serial killer believes he son might be in danger.
A couple on a road trip and a survivalist are trapped by a family of sadistic cannibals in a remote area.
Teenagers kidnap a nurse and escape from a mental hospital.
After a stranger committed suicide in their van, a group of friends looking for help become the targets of cannibals.
A mentally challenged orphan is raised by cannibals who prey on tourists.
A psychiatrist assists a policeman whose daughter was murdered in tracking down the serial killer responsible before he slaughters his only victim still alive.
A serial killer presumed dead awakens and returns to his home town, determined to kill his niece and decimate his bloodline.
After a car crash on the night of their graduation, teenagers cross paths with a family of cannibals.
A troubled kid who turned mute after surviving a serial killer's massacre discovers she has a reciprocal telepathic link to him.
Tailed by his psychiatrist, a murderer raised by a dysfunctional family who escaped from a psychiatric ward on Halloween night stalks teenagers.
A woman travels to Texas town to claim an inheritance where she encounters a chainsaw-wielding cannibal murderer.
People once victims of a notorious serial killer unite to break his curse as he returns to his home town.
Contestants of an online reality show are stalked and killed.
A scared teenager fears her psychopathic brother might visit her.
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