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Here is a list of movies ranked from the best to the worst using the sum of eight different ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, creepiness, story, creativity, acting and quality. Select a combination of genressubgenresantagonists or moods to narrow your search. Additionally, you can select a type of realism, a decade, or you can include or exclude anthology films.

Horror Movie Rating Priorities for Steve Hutchison

Note: genres are major film subdivisions. Most movies belong to many genres. The same can be said about subgenres. Subgenres can be subdivisions of genres or genre hybrids. They can also originate from a film era, a cinematic style, a cult audience or a particular market. Most movies belong to many subgenres. Moods are emotions considered crucial to the plot and conveyed through music, dialogue, performances, build-up and pacing. Moods speak to a film's ambiance. A movie usually conveys more than one mood. Antagonists are people or entities that pose a threat to the protagonist, or hero. Antagonist types are divided into 5 categories: visceral, society, science, afterlife and fantasy.

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Two robots from a post-apocalyptic era travel back in time to alter the teenage years of an influential resistance leader.
Three unemployed supernatural investigators start a ghost hunting business.
A man goes for a virtual vacation on planet Mars as a spy.
A time traveler attempts to prevent John F. Kennedy's assassination.
A bacterial apocalypse polarizes two groups of survivors.
A nerdy florist develops a relationship with a talking plant that grows when it is fed human blood.
Two time travelers attempt to stop the end of the world.
Six celebrities are stuck in a house after a series of devastating events destroyed the city.
Members of a ghost hunting company investigate a stream of ectoplasm flowing in the sewers of New York City.
An investigator discovers the strange impact a horror writer's books have on his readers.
A group of friends suspect that the human race is being replaced by alien duplicates.
A cyborg and a solider are sent back in time to alter a woman’s future.
A time traveling cyborg must protect two resistance leaders from a more lethal version of itself.
Strangers take refuge in a mall during a zombie outbreak.
A family moves into a military town they suspect is being invaded by an alien parasite.
A zombie outbreak forces different professionals to remain barricaded inside an empty shopping mall.
A crypto-zoological agency faces off against a battery of god-sized monsters.
Martial artists are lured into a mortal tournament whose outcome will alter the fate of their world.
A cyborg, an android, and a grieving mother must protect a woman against a liquid robot.
A mist unleashes bloodthirsty creatures on a small town, where a band of citizens hole up in a supermarket.


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