Fifty Shades of Terror 2018: 50 Reviews of Black & White Horror Films

This book contains 50 reviews of horror movies shot in black and white. The reviews are sorted from the last position to the first one. The ranking of each production is established by the sum of 7 ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, story, creativity, acting & quality. Each film description contains a synopsis, a list of attributed genres, emotions evoked, seven ratings and a three-paragraph review.

Movie Classification

Here is a list of movies ranked from the best to the worst using the sum of eight different ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, creepiness, story, creativity, acting and quality. Select a combination of genressubgenresantagonists or moods to narrow your search. Additionally, you can select a type of realism, a decade, or you can include or exclude anthology films.

Horror Movie Rating Priorities for Steve Hutchison

Note: genres are major film subdivisions. Most movies belong to many genres. The same can be said about subgenres. Subgenres can be subdivisions of genres or genre hybrids. They can also originate from a film era, a cinematic style, a cult audience or a particular market. Most movies belong to many subgenres. Moods are emotions considered crucial to the plot and conveyed through music, dialogue, performances, build-up and pacing. Moods speak to a film's ambiance. A movie usually conveys more than one mood. Antagonists are people or entities that pose a threat to the protagonist, or hero. Antagonist types are divided into 5 categories: visceral, society, science, afterlife and fantasy.

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Released from his death sentence, a scientist returns to the illegal experiments he was convicted for.
Once re-animated by his assistant, a scientist becomes inspired by the idea of soul containment.
A scientist conducts a paranormal investigation inside a supposedly haunted mansion with the help of a handful of mystery guests.
Two newly graduated detectives help an invisible man who was framed for murder.
A scientist renders an avenging outlaw invisible using a secret formula.
A werewolf and a vampire seek help from a scientist they believe can cure their respective affliction.
A princess is possessed by an alien force that threatens to unleash a giant destructive creature.
A vengeful spirit invades the dreams of a group of teenagers and kills them while they sleep.
A demonic bed consumes its users alive.
A mother must lift the viral curse her son is afflicted by before it kills him.
A possessed child develops psychic abilities and kills those she comes across.
A scientist plots to perform brain transplant on a mental patient.
Scientists study six children from different countries gifted with extraordinary intelligence.
A mad disfigured composer seeks the love of an opera singer.
A disfigured violinist haunts an opera house.
A circus' trapeze artist marries the leader of side-show performers for his inheritance.
A barber kills his clients.
Two detectives investigate a series of murders with a connection to another world.
A vengeful spirit has taken the form of the Tooth Fairy to exact vengeance on the town that lynched her.
Answering to a strange invitation, different people gather in a Hungarian castle with a dark history for a special night.


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