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Here is a list of movies ranked from the best to the worst using the sum of eight different ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, creepiness, story, creativity, acting and quality. Select a combination of genressubgenresantagonists or moods to narrow your search. Additionally, you can select a type of realism, a decade, or you can include or exclude anthology films.

Horror Movie Rating Priorities for Steve Hutchison

Note: genres are major film subdivisions. Most movies belong to many genres. The same can be said about subgenres. Subgenres can be subdivisions of genres or genre hybrids. They can also originate from a film era, a cinematic style, a cult audience or a particular market. Most movies belong to many subgenres. Moods are emotions considered crucial to the plot and conveyed through music, dialogue, performances, build-up and pacing. Moods speak to a film's ambiance. A movie usually conveys more than one mood. Antagonists are people or entities that pose a threat to the protagonist, or hero. Antagonist types are divided into 5 categories: visceral, society, science, afterlife and fantasy.

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A shipwrecked survivor discovers a remote island where scientific experiments are being conducted on animals.
A man who can alter the past assists the police by pretending to be a psychic.
A sly cursed hotline manipulates a man into performing evil acts.
An escaped convict is hunted down by a cybernetic dog.
An escaped convict is captured and sent to a prison in space.
A couple blackmail a family of mutants.
Contestants of an online reality show are stalked and killed.
A man sells his soul to the devil in order to gain superpowers.
A pair of hitmen stalk different people oddly connected to each other.
An incarcerated scientist who discovered the formula to resuscitation recruits an apprentice to carry his legacy.
The grandson of a scientist known for his experiments on invisibility is hired as a double agent in a war against the Nazi.
A giant moth protecting earth travels back in time to defeat its nemesis while it is younger and weaker.
After a laboratory incident, a scientist turned into a mutated plant monster gets his revenge on those who stole his secret formula.
Aliens negotiate with humans in order to borrow three monsters from earth.
An aquatic prehistoric creature is captured and turned into an air-breather by a mad scientist.
A scientist plots to perform brain transplant on a mental patient.
A vengeful spirit has taken the form of the Tooth Fairy to exact vengeance on the town that lynched her.
An institutionalized woman is haunted by a ghost.
A teenager becomes possessed soon after moving into a haunted house with his family.
A boy shoots his father, a man falls in love with a fellow inmate in prison, and a doctor accidentally ingests his experimental sex serum.


Best of Terror 2020: Top 300 Horror Movies

The following recommendations represent the top 13% of 2250 horror movie reviews. I use a classification method that combines genres, subgenres, ambiances, and antagonists. My evaluation ratings are stars, story, creativity, action, quality, creepiness, and rewatchability

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