Movie Styles

Movie Styles, Ranked

Here is a list of movies ranked from the best to the worst using the average of eight different ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, creepiness, story, creativity, acting and quality. Select a style to narrow your search. Additionally, you can include or exclude anthology films.

Horror Movie Rating Priorities for Steve Hutchison

Note: styles are specific film subdivisions. Some movies belong to multiple styles. Styles can be subdivisions of subgenres or subgenre hybrids. They can also originate from a film era, a cinematic style, a cult audience or a particular market.

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A teenager struggles not to feed on humans and spread her curse after being brought back to life by a toxic gas that turned her into a zombie.
A nerdy florist develops a relationship with a talking plant that grows when it is fed human blood.
A shady mask factory plots to decimate the children population worldwide on Halloween night using a rigged live broadcast.
The employees of a medical supply warehouse come in contact with a toxic gas that turns the living and the dead into contagious brain-eating revenants.
The ghost of a prom queen terrorizes the students of a high school.
On Halloween night, partying teenagers stir up spirits inside an abandoned house after a seance.
Teenagers unknowingly carry a demon curse from a haunted house to their school on Halloween night.
Alien clowns from outer space terrorize a small town.
Alien brain parasites turn their hosts into zombies.
Mistaken for Easter eggs, unhatched alien creatures are used as decoration by townsfolk.
While attempting to confirm the death of a revenant, a teenager instead re-animates his past assailer, allowing him to resume his murder spree.
After being sent to the electric chair, a serial killer uses electricity to come back from the dead.
A former marshal infiltrates an underground cannibal hideout to rescue an abducted night radio host.
An infamous vengeful teenager murderer confined to a lake cheats death and return to his old killing patterns.
A supernatural serial killer considered slayed escapes a morgue to return to the lake where he once drowned.
A bottling factory unknowingly supplies a batch of contaminated water to a high school before prom night.
Puppets gathered for auction at a convention are magically animated and kill everyone.
A boy gone bald uses a magic recipe given to him by ghosts to grow back his hair.
A mad doctor kidnaps and stitches together three tourists from anus to mouth.
A security guard obsessed by a horror movie attempts to recreate his favorite scenes by kidnapping people and stitching them together.
A scientist who discovered how to reanimate the dead is sent to prison where he resumes his experiments.
An industrial saboteur is hired to investigate a popular product with abnormal properties.
A medical students attempts to re-animate his dead girlfriend using body parts from dismembered prostitutes.
Two cousins become addicted to a horoscope hotline that grants wishes in return for evil favors.
A garbage truck driver unleashes a troll that plots to transform children into wooden dolls on Halloween.
A leaking barrel of toxic waste infects a town and triggers a plague of the undead.
A group of college students break into an abandoned convent and awaken demons.
Eight friends are trapped after hours in a shopping mall and pursued by three defective security robots.
A murderer kills off people at a horror movie marathon organized in an abandoned theater.
Gifted with psychic abilities she cannot inhibit and subject to a therapy, a troubled teenager believes a murderer is after her.


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