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A scientist discovers a potion that makes people purely evil.
A somnambulist's fatalistic predictions attract the suspicions of townsfolk.
A vampire purchases a residence from an estate agent who he selects as his new victim.
A mad disfigured composer seeks the love of an opera singer.
A demon wagers with God that he can corrupt a man's soul.
A scientist gives life to a creature made of parts from exhumed corpses.
A travelling solicitor is preyed upon by a hermit who drinks human blood.
A doctor tests a potion he created on himself and becomes evil.
Five travelers find shelter in a bizarre family estate.
An archaeologist resuscitates a mummy.
A scientist who conducts experiments in evolution establishes himself as the leader of a team of humanoids.
A man travels to an island where he finds the offspring of a giant ape he was once prey to.
A film crew travels to a distant island where giant creatures are rumored to exist.
A scientist discovers a formula that makes him invisible and increasingly evil.
Newlyweds become trapped in the home of a Satan worshiper.
Two scientists experimenting with the afterlife bait one of their creations with another.
A barber kills his clients and steals from them.
A dead vampire’s daughter seeks help from a psychiatrist who she believes can lift her curse.
An escaped convict uses miniaturized humans to exact vengeance on those that framed him.
A disfigured musician roams a Chinese opera house.