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We offer in-depth dark & horror movie reviews. Our movie reviews are broken down into various categories, including genres, subgenres, moods/ambiances, and antagonists. We rate each film according to eight different aspects: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, creepiness, quality, acting, story and creativity. Additionally, we publish a variety of horror movie review books divided by collection, each with their own theme.

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Realms of Terror: Horror-Adjacent 2019

Included in this book are 141 reviews of horror-adjacent films. Horror-adjacent films are mixes of comedy, drama, adventure, action, thriller, fantasy, and science fiction. They are dark enough to entertain horror movie fans but can’t exactly be called horror. How many have you seen?

Decades of Terror 2019: 1990's Monster Films

Steve Hutchison reviews 100 amazing monster films from the 1990’s. Each film is analyzed and discussed with a synopsis and a rating. The movies are ranked from best to worst. How many have you seen?

Christmas Horror Watchlist 2019

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but this list is so delightful. And since you’ve no place to go, here are 60 ranked reviews of Christmas-themed horror movies. Ho, ho, ho! This year, get ready for the horrorthon of a lifetime! Naughty or nice?

Halloween Horror Watchlist 2019

An excellent way to celebrate All Hallows' Eve all through October, this book contains 53 ranked reviews of Halloween-themed horror movies. This year, get ready for the horrorthon of a lifetime!

Trends of Terror 2019: 150 Movies So Bad They’re Good

I hope you like cheese. This book is full of it. In this edition of Trends of Terror, film critic Steve Hutchison reviews 150 horror and horror-adjacent movies so bad they’re good, sorted from best to worst. How many have you seen?