Subgenres of Terror 2016: 30 Best Monster Films

The following reviews were extracted from a database and formatted for this book. Tales of Terror ( is a “gamified” tool designed for horror fans, students, authors and filmmakers. “Gamification” is the transformation and adaptation of tangible concepts into empirical games. This book covers franchise and public domain horror movies only. This rule ensures that each movie can be logically related and compared to another or grouped by similarity. Movies can therefore be classified, and sorted according to inherent properties.


A man with a bag for a mask kills people for not recycling.
Slapstick Gore
So Bad It's Good


Feature Film
Paper or plastic, bitch?
A man with a plastic bag for a mask who kills those who don’t recycle, Jason Voorhees-style; how has no one thought of this before? It’s the quintessential environmentalist slasher flick. It’s high-spirited. It’s funny. It’s much more entertaining than most horror films of its caliber. It needs to amuse and disgust, to make its point, and, more often than not, it does just that.
The camera is dynamic and manages to make cringy dialogue interesting, by gliding and shaking a little; by become a character. In fact, the camera makes this film appear more expensive than it is. Now, this production is way too long for what it is. It’s a slapstick slasher comedy with a fat script. It should be simpler, but, then again, those who enjoy it will laugh for an extra twenty minutes.
There’s nice composited graphic design when it comes to texting; some of the most organic I’ve seen. Can’t say that I cared for exposition. The characters were hilarious, but I didn’t care for them either, let alone tell them apart. They exist only to die. It’s just a question of who goes first. Other than that, the gore looks real and the violence painful. It’s really what you’re signing up for.
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