Legacy of Terror 2018

This book contains the reviews of 100 sequels, 20 prequels and 60 remakes.

For each category, installments are sorted in order of preference. The ranking of each film is established by the sum of 8 types of ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, story, creativity, acting, quality and creepiness.

Each film description contains a synopsis, a list of attributed genres, a list of moods, eight ratings and a three-paragraph review.

Camp Death III in 2D!

A summer camp has been reopened but a masked man starts murdering everyone.
Laugh all you want!
Camp Crystal Meph has reopened, and serial killer slash mass murderer Johann Van Damme picks up where he left off. Camp Death III in 2D! makes fun of the early Friday the 13th movies, and of most 1980’s slasher flicks, in fact. This film is hysterical. It’s dense. If you blink twice, you’ll end up wondering what the hell is going on and why this squirrel is attacking people.
Put your politically correct agenda aside and get ready to laugh at a man in a wheelchair the way we did so long ago, but, this time, on acid. The chicks are hot and dressed the way they were back in slasher days. This includes short shorts and knee-high socks. Remember how Friday the 13th had a bunch of camp counselors dying but no kids in sight? This is that movie... with light sabers!
The killer uses the dumbest weapons imaginable, including a plunger and a toaster. The dialogue will make you piss your pants every five minutes. The beauty, with a film like this one, is that you notice new things every time you watch it. There is so much pre-marital kissing, in Camp Death III in 2D!, that you’ll end up with herpes if you sit too close to the screen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
Alternate Titles: 
Blood Sister
Camp Death III: The Final Summer
Death Camp III: The Final Summer
The Longest Chase
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