Realms of Terror: Dark Comedies 2019

These are 100 of the best dark comedies, in order of preference. How many have you seen? Reviews and ratings by horror host Steve Hutchison are included.


Strange things happen to a group of friends who gather for a dinner party while a comet is passing overhead.


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Time Traveler
Reaches for the sky!
There is no limit to what you can achieve with brains, effort, talent and a good script. Coherence is what happens when planets align. It’s about a comet that may or may not influence a dinner between friends. It’s a mind-fucking horror movie with strong science-fiction elements. The camera behaves like a floating entity. It’s uncomfortable. It’s unnerving. It’s both distant and invasive.
Mass psychosis might be involved, or perhaps paranoia, or temporary schizophrenia. Could it be the wine? What about the ketamine? Surely, a k hole will drive people insane. The characters are afflicted by what seems like dissociative behaviours and cognitive incoherence through and through. This film will make you feel things you’ve never experienced.
The acting comes out very naturally, which becomes quite an accomplishment when shit hits the fan in the second act. The story is complex, but it is dialogue-driven and it’s mostly theorical, so it’s not that hard to keep up with. Coherence can be spoiled in many ways, but it never offers clear answers anyway. It’s a treat for intellectuals and dark sci-fi fans, first and foremost.
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