The Almanac of Terror 2017: 87 Years of Horror Movie Statistics

The Almanac of Terror mixes and aggregates different statistics on horror and horror-adjacent movies. Most of the lists included in this book are sorted according to their overall score.

Our classification method combines genres, subgenres, ambiances and antagonists. Our different ratings are: stars, story, creativity, action, quality, creepiness and rewatchability.


One day, a woman wakes up with rotting flesh.


Feature Film
Skin deep!
This is the quintessential body horror film. It mostly takes place in one house with one chick. All other characters are peripheral. In a nutshell, it is the story of a woman and her decaying body. Narratively speaking, this isn’t a masterpiece. Characters do speak to one another, but we’re somewhat excluded from their discussions. It’s impossible to care for anyone in this.
There are intermittent lighting issues. This movie is so damn dark we end up spacing out. The camera is sometimes still, sometimes shaky, and at no time, it seems, doing the right thing. You can’t even blame what appears like flaws on symbolism. The camera just isn’t cooperating. The framing is random and excessive. Characters and props constantly go out of focus for no reason.
Ironically, this is the kind of details that gives Thanatomorphose its essence. They’re the symptoms of a sick script and one that will stick with you long after the end credits. Hypochondriacs, brace yourselves or avoid this film altogether. Horror buffs, this is the kind of shit your family and friends think you watch all the time. It’s grotesque, sad, experimental, and it’s perfect this way.
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