Camp of Terror 2018

This book includes 195 dark movies so bad they’re good.

Sorted in order of preference and reviewed, each film description contains a synopsis, a list of genres it belongs to, a list of ambiances involved, seven ratings and a three-paragraph review.

These films are not for the squeamish. You have been warned!

Friday the 13th

A man whose sister went missing scouts a desolated summer camp where a masked brute is stalking and killing teenagers.
United States
Feature Film
Friday the 13th
No longer campy...
This is a new take on an 80's classic and its two first sequels. The intro sequence rushes us through what looks like a recap. We're revisiting familiar but altered territory for the first half, on a permanent dramatic tone. Even the partying scenes are filled with hate. The film has a signature of its own but not a catchy one. It falls flat, failing to please the old fans and a new generation.
The performances are the most convincing we've seen but aren't surreal. The characters themselves range from underdeveloped to uninteresting. Too many people are hostile to each other, and it consequently feels like Jason Voorhees isn't ruining much. This is the first film, aside from Jason Goes to Hell, where Voorhees kidnaps victims and confines them, plotting something else than pure slaughter.
The murders are quick, crude, plausible. The 80's cheese is all drained out, and that means the colorful score is gone, too. It doesn't even get a revamp. Too many rules are broken. The cinematography is easy on the eyes, but everything is always so dark. There's nothing wrong with reinventing yourself, but you can't reboot a franchise by disregarding its core ambiance. It's all that matters...
Alternate Titles: 
Friday the 13th Remake
Friday the 13th Reboot
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