31 Days of Terror 2018

This book includes 35 thematic lists and several bonus lists. Each list contains 31 highly recommended horror movies sorted from worst to best.

1) Roll a six-sided die twice and record your two results in the order they were thrown.

2) Find the numbers rolled within the table of contents. Once there, you will be redirected to a thematic list of highly recommended horror movies.

3) The first movie listed is tagged October 1st.

4) Write this result down on the first line of your watchlist. Watchlist templates may be found at the end of this book.

5) Rinse and repeat this sequence 30 more times to create a completely random set of movies for every day in October.


Juvenile delinquents are sent to an island where they must fight for survival.


United Kingdom
Feature Film
Doggy style...
During the first half of this film, you’ll be scratching your head. The script goes in several directions and, for a good while, it doesn’t show its cards. Most characters are ass hole. Whoever the good guys are, and that takes a while to figure out, they’ve got one hell of a problem. They get bullied, shot at, attacked by savage dogs. One of them steps in bear traps... and that’s not pretty.
Wilderness is nicely shot, but it doesn’t make the best of its environment. We should be seeing more landscapes and we should feel immersed. On the contrary, subjects are closely framed. It’s all about the characters. The actors are skilled. The gore is brutal and very well done. The dialogue is aggressive, but, of course, it has to be. The conversations are always intense, always dense.
The main problems with Wilderness are its lack of focus and its redundancy. It’s also hard to sympathize with the victims. Here, the enemy is everyone and everywhere. This anomaly is nonsensical, counterintuitive, and it creates a clusterfuck. What’s more, the things that puzzle us in the first two acts don’t make much sense in the third one. The answers we are given are not easily accepted.
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