Aliens & Horror

Aliens, or extraterrestrial beings, are forms of life which did not originate on Earth. They are a major archetype of horror movies. In this book, film critic Steve Hutchison reviews and ranks 50 of the best horror movies featuring aliens ever released. How many have you seen?

Satan's Little Helper

A naive boy becomes the pawn of a masked serial killer on Halloween.
So Bad It's Good


United States
Feature Film
One hell of a slasher!
This movie takes place on Halloween and features a villain with a demonic rubber mask. He could be human. He could be a monster. That’s the film’s ongoing mystery. Satan’s Little Helper is a slasher on the back burner. Humor comes first. The film doesn’t take itself seriously. The killer isn’t particularly scary. He’s poorly designed, in fact. He doesn’t speak and gesticulates a lot, instead.
The protagonists could be your next-door neighbors. They’re fun, dumb, compassionate, and simple. You kind of hope they don’t die... too early. They trust the killer more than they should and, soon enough, shit hits the fan. Satan, or whoever he is, loves to punch people in the face and smash their heads against walls or the nearest door frame. He couldn’t care less about weapons.
There is truly only one joke, here, and it’s rehashed for over an hour. It’s a miracle the creators managed to make it last so long without exhausting the audience. The film is ridiculous but entertaining all the same. It’s immoral, shocking, and unpredictable. Anything could happen. There is no foreshadowing. Other than that, Katheryn Winnick’s super hot, and the camera knows it.
Alternate Titles: 
Satanic Halloween
Halloween killer
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