Subgenres of Terror, 2nd Edition: Claustrocore Films

Included in this book are 80 reviews of horror and horror-adjacent claustrocore films.

Claustrocore films are about people stuck in one place for most of the running time.

Each book in the second edition of the Subgenres of Terror collection contains a thematic watchlist in which movies are sorted in order of preference.

The Forgotten

After being told that their children never existed, a man and woman soon discover there is a much bigger enemy at work.
Psychological Thriller


United States
Feature Film
Cute, but Forgettable.
This film starts twenty minutes after it should have, by Hollywood standards. We’re injected right into the mystery without the luxury of exposition. There’s a whole act missing, here. But Julianne Moore feels familiar, and her character is evocative, so we follow along. The cops are after her. She’s stirring trouble. Is she being gaslit, is she schizophrenic, or is everyone else amnesic?
This would have made a great Twilight Zone episode, because, as it is, it’s a little too long. Now, there are two ways this could end: the predictable way, or the impossible way. Is it a conspiracy, or is there a powerful supernatural element at play? If you ask me, none of these answers are plausible. It would take quite a twist to accept this ludicrous premise.
The production value is significant. The actors are excellent. On a technical level, this film is irreproachable. So, here’s the problem: we’re expected to care for a character that might turn out to be crazy, and we’re supposed to take sides regardless of the answers. Answers will come but they won’t be spoon-fed. The antagonist isn’t who you’d expect.
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