31 Days of Terror 2019

This book includes a total of 35 lists sorted by themes, as well as several bonus lists. Each list contains 31 recommended horror movies for each day of October. The closer you get to Halloween, the better the horror gets. Roll a six-sided die twice, during each day of October. Next, refer to the table of contents to find which list your result matches. Go to that list. Find and watch the movie that corresponds to today’s date. This system may be used year-round for those times where inspiration is at its lowest. Happy Halloween!

Jurassic Park

The owners of a theme park hosting cloned dinosaurs lose control of their security system.
United States
Feature Film
Kid Friendly
A big step for computer generated dinosaurs!
Terminator 2 set the bar so high in terms of 3D and compositing effects that nothing comparable came out until Spielberg’s next blockbuster: Jurassic Park. Like Jaws, it's a lively and watered down horror movie that focuses much more on its ensemble cast then the antagonists; in this case angry and hungry Dinosaurs. Jurassic Park is suitable for most age groups and means to entertain any audience.
It’s a nearly perfect movie that is only flawed because it is experimental and ground-breaking. It features effects previously unattempted and destined to age well. The dinos aren't abundantly shown and barely lit in order to scare. The violence is limited but present. While it contains extensive scenes of suspenseful action, it mostly takes its time with a layered script that never lets you down.
The jungle backdrops are as peaceful as they are alienating once all hell breaks loose. The performances are loud, fun, lively, but are sometimes surpassed by chroma keying effects they can’t ad-lib with. Here’s a safe scare for children with semi-fantastic but plausible animals. Mixed with a smart science-fiction plot and a unique gimmick, they make this one of the best genre crossovers ever.
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