Eternity of Terror 2017

This book includes 200 dark movies you’ll want to revisit time and again. These are the most rewatchable dark films reviewed by film critic Steve Hutchison.

Sorted in order of preference and reviewed, each film description contains a synopsis, a list of genres it belongs to, a list of ambiances involved, seven ratings and a three-paragraph review.

These films are not for the squeamish. You have been warned!

Scanners III: The Takeover

A woman with psychic abilities becomes hungry for power.


United States
Feature Film
Laugh your head off!
Scanners 3 is so simple minded it makes us feel dumb. The two first films were no masterpieces but they were more mature. The studio wasted no time, after the last installment, and came up with this third one; the same year Part 2 was released. Things start with a big “what the hell” moment so dumb and gratuitous we can’t look away and can’t help but smile.
This is a popcorn movie. It’s a visual disaster but an entertaining one; more entertaining than Part 2, that is. The “scanners” are finally elevated to the state of superheroes. They’re treated like super mutants. What’s more, the psychic gimmick is sporadically being turned into slapstick comedy. What a hilarious mess this movie is, intentionally or not.
Ironically, Scanners 3 is pretty much from the same artists as the previous film. The tone is completely different, though. On top of everything, this flick is a slasher. It is unprecedented, easy on the brain and completely hectic. We get to know the villain more than the hero and it make things exponentially interesting. The creators probably had a blast with this one and we can feel it.
Alternate Titles: 
Scanners 3
Scanners III
Scanners 3: The Takeover
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