Masters of Terror 2018: Charles Band's Filmography

This book contains the synopses and reviews of the darkest films in Charles Band’s filmography. The listings are ranked from best to worst.


A police chief, a scientist and a fisherman set out to stop a great white shark.
United States
Feature Film
Shark Week
Sink your teeth into this!
Like fishing, Jaws takes time, patience, and may or may not be rewarding when all is said and done. In the hands of Steven Spielberg, though, this movie promises to mark a generation of movie-goers. One of the lead is a loud-mouthed shark specialist; another one a sheriff who inspires confidence while taking danger seriously. The third boat occupant; squeamish, upholds the horror layer.
For a summer blockbuster about a killer shark, Jaws is especially shy on animatronics. The effects are ahead of their time and truly terrifying but are used very sparingly. The movie is shot in deep water and gets around enormous challenges imposed by an unusual script. Legends say the props didn't take water so well. As a result, we end up with a heavy drama and very little shark mayhem...
The actors give an honest, authentic and subtle performance. Spielberg takes a genre considered learning ground for filmmakers and raised the bar so high that he had to resort to dialog to craft tension when he met a technical wall. There is a shark, but he won’t show up until we’re fully involved in the characters. With its immersing scenery and intrigue, Jaws takes fear back to its origins.
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