The Almanac of Terror 2016: 86 Years of Horror Movie Statistics

The Almanac of Terror mixes and aggregates different statistics on horror and horror-adjacent movies. Most of the lists included in this book are sorted according to their overall score.

Our classification method combines genres, subgenres, ambiances and antagonists. Our different ratings are: stars, story, creativity, action, quality, creepiness and rewatchability.

The Last House on the Left

Two teenagers looking for drugs are kidnapped and raped by a group of criminals.
United States
Feature Film
Original Film: 
Franchise Original
Franchise Remake
Franchise Re-imagining
It pulls no punches!
What starts as a simple enough drama with an obvious commentary on women liberation and the love generation is soon thrown turned into chaos: a torture and rape story; a hippy's worst nightmare. Sometimes crudely honest in regards to taboos and via its raw delivery, it has one goal and that's to show you things you know exist and don't want to think about. It wants to shock you, make you angry...
The rape subplot is lengthy, elaborate, but, bear with them, things probably won't turn out exactly as you'd expect them to. The film follows the tropes of the mixed subgenres it exploits. It builds a sense of vulnerability, bursts of frustration and then redeems itself in a surprising finale, asking for emotional forgiveness for what it made you sit through.
The cinematography is nothing out of the ordinary. It has more in common with grindhouse cinema than art house. It isn't exactly stylish. When it tries to be, it generally makes bad judgment calls, namely in regards to the score and the editing. It becomes comedic where there isn't exactly room for humor. The Last House on the Left deliberately mocks your disgust and your sense of moral.
Alternate Titles: 
Last House on the Left
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