Anthologies of Terror 2017

This book includes 63 horror anthology film reviews. The movies are sorted in order of preference. The ranking of each film is established by the sum of 7 ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, story, creativity, acting and quality.

Each film description contains a synopsis, a list of attributed genres, pertinent moods, seven ratings and a three-paragraph review.

Taste the Blood of Dracula

A vampire avenges his servant by chasing down the ones responsible for his death.
United Kingdom
Feature Film
Out for blood...
Challenging the audience with an increasing sensual awareness the way Dracula Has Risen from the Grave did, this sequel fleshes out the flirtatious side of its protagonists and its infamous vampire, still played by Christopher Lee. The movie starts with a celebration and therefore with a lively vibe. It gives Lee something innocent to destroy and allows for character exposition that pays off.
Although the extended dialog can be anticlimactic, a bad habit the franchise slowly tries to get rid of, this is one of the more Hectic sequels to date. Dracula is slowing embracing his magic side, augmenting his presence and his potential for fear. The esoteric side of the character was never a thing of this franchise. Make-up and effects are getting better, but it’s nothing to call home about.
The leads are some of the most eccentric Hammer’s Dracula has known. They bring forth light elements of comedy, frivolity and indulge in partial nudity. You get sumptuous set designs, the same implicated actors the previous entries have provided, and a well-paced script not unlike the previous ones. The story is fun to sit through because it adds to the hermetic Hammer Dracula mythos.
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