Eternity of Terror 2017

This book includes 200 dark movies you’ll want to revisit time and again. These are the most rewatchable dark films reviewed by film critic Steve Hutchison.

Sorted in order of preference and reviewed, each film description contains a synopsis, a list of genres it belongs to, a list of ambiances involved, seven ratings and a three-paragraph review.

These films are not for the squeamish. You have been warned!

Frankenstein Created Woman

Once re-animated by his assistant, a scientist becomes inspired by the idea of soul containment.
United Kingdom
Feature Film
Soft and chewy...
Frankenstein Created Woman goes beyond the concept of the evil re-animated corpse and presents an intrigue that revolves around containment of the soul, instead. The subject at hand is interesting but underdeveloped considering where the writers could go with the premise. It is downplaying the visuals and the scares, but, as a supernatural thriller, it pulls no punches.
It takes its unique spot in the franchise by displaying female partial nudity, throwing in a lengthy awkward bar fight not typical to the subgenre, and pushing controversy and gore generally further than previously attempted. It conforms to the previous films in terms of photo, set design, and, most importantly, brings back the excellent Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein.
So, they made the creature a woman this time! 1935's Bride of Frankenstein had the same gimmick. Sadly, by making her beautiful and not horrific, the creators ended up with somewhat of a femme fatale, not a brutal aberration. Her screen time as a monster is negligible, too, which is confusing. Things get tense in the last act only, so better gear up for all that dialog!
Alternate Titles: 
Frankenstein Made Woman
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