Masters of Terror 2017: Wes Craven's Filmography

This book contains the synopses and reviews of the darkest films in Wes Craven’s filmography. The listings are ranked from best to worst.

The Invisible Man Returns

A man imprisoned and sentenced to death injects himself with an invisibility potion in order to escape.
United States
Feature Film
Black & White
A clear formula
In this sequel, we learn that the invisible man is still alive. He escapes a prison using his power, and becomes a partial protagonist we should root for. There’s less of him conversing with a mask, goggles and clothes on, and more of him in his translucent state, resulting in many convincing special effects that borrow from the ground-breaking transparency illusion and push the challenge further.
Although it revisits its old structure, in which policemen and civilians are the victims, we instead mostly spend time watching the invisible man become increasingly evil. There are long scenes of dialog about world domination leading to physical confrontation that benefit from great suspense. The spoken lines are calculated; filmed under the right lighting and over intricate backdrops.
Questions raised in regards to voyeurism aren't avoided. We actually share the perspective of a sadistic joker with decreased moral values. The Invisible Man Returns shows you what it would be like to possess one of the most coveted supernatural powers the mind can come up with. Ironically, we're not sure who the hero is. We are therefore fascinated but never fully invested in the character.
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