Masters of Terror 2017

This book contains the synopses and reviews of the darkest films in the filmography of six legendary masters of terror. The listings are ranked from best to worst.

Hosts and Contributors

Artist, developer and entrepreneur in film, video games and communications Steve Hutchison co-founded Art and Code in 1999, then and its French equivalent in 2000. With his background as an artist and integrator, Steve worked on such games as Capcom's Street Fighter, PopCap's Bejeweled, Tetris, Bandai/Namco's Pac-Man and Mattel's Skip-Bo & Phase 10 as a localization manager, 2-D artist and usability expert.
Kim Hutchison is a technical artist, programmer, tools developer, application developer, pipeline and programming consultant. Alongside Steve Hutchison, his brother, he has been working on the Tales of Terror mobile app for the past months.
Jason Kealey co-produces and finances Tales of Terror. He used to translate and edit Steve Hutchison's reviews back when the site was bilingual, in it's first version, between 2000 and 2004. He is now President and CEO of FranchiseBlast, a software development firm producing an integrated software solution for the franchise industry.
She has a passion for chalk drawing, painting, fashion and beautiful things. When it comes to movies, she is sensitive to production value, great performances, make-up, sets and costumes.
Tiffany Julia Shepis born and raised in NYC. She got her start in James Gunn’s (Guardians of the Galaxy) Tromeo and Juliet when she was just 16 years old. Since then Tiffany has made over 100 independent films, most notably the SYFY hit Abominable, the late-night fan favorites The Hazing, After dark horror fests Nightmare Man, Sundance' The Violent Kind, as well as The multi award winning The Frankenstein Syndrome and the mega cult hit Sharknado 2!
Patrick Lussier is a Canadian Born, genre producer, writer, director, editor with American Citizenship. In 2015, he co-wrote and executive produced TERMINATOR: GENISYS with Laeta Kalogridis for Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures. He has collaborated on several projects with Ms. Kalogridis, dating back to 1999 when Ms. Kalogridis was hired to rewrite SCREAM 3 which Lussier was film editing. These projects include THE RIFLEMAN for CBS, and FRANKENSTEIN for both Starz and AMAZON, as well as script consulting on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION and GEOSTORM. Lussier recently directed a feature length episode called Flesh and Blood in the Into the Dark horror anthology by Blumhouse on Hulu.
Vanessa Gomez came to Los Angles to pursue her acting passion and dreams. Her first major role was in 2006 when she played the lead in Charlie Unger’s “Come Together”. She followed that up with Film Noir, “Blood Money” and serial killer thriller, “id”.
Jeffrey Reddick is best known for creating the Final Destination (2000) film franchise. He also co-wrote the story for, and executive produced, Final Destination 2 (2003). Jeffrey lives in Los Angeles. He grew up in Eastern Kentucky and attended Berea College. Jeffrey made his first connection to the film industry at age 14, when he wrote a prequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and mailed it Bob Shaye, the President of New Line Cinema. Bob returned the material for being unsolicited. But the young man wrote Bob an aggressive reply, which won him over. Bob read the treatment and got back to Jeffrey.
Master of horror Vincenzo Natali studied film at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, worked at the animation studio Nelvana, doing storyboards, and is alumnus of the Canadian Film Centre (CFC).
She’s an actress, a horror movie critic and a podcaster. She’s a nostalgic, a romantic, and she’s terribly ambitious!
Jennilee Murray was born and raised on a farm in Kelowna, British Columbia, where at an early age, she enjoyed the arts. She earned her BFA with a concentration on drawing, painting, art history and creative writing at UBC in Kelowna. A move to Ottawa, Ontario brought opportunities to further practice her art, while starting up a creative modeling career, and delving into a varied acting portfolio.
Born in 1980, Ammon has spent his entire life immersed in popular culture, with his first love being movies (and horror movies, in particular). After taking a few film classes in high school, Ammon dabbled in other aspects of film while attending Humboldt State University, including a course on screen writing and improvisation.
Victoria De Mare is one of Hollywood's reigning "Hottest Horror Scream Queens" for over a decade according to the cover feature editorial article of the January 2017 issue of Hustler Magazine. She has appeared in over 110 Film & TV productions & counting. She is best known for her creation & portrayal of the sexy demon succubus clown, "Batty Boop" from the horror/comedy feature series, 'Killjoy'.
Lorraine Keith is CEO of film company Clear Focus Movies Ltd. Producer of 'Ghosts Of Darkness' (2017), 'The Unseen' (2017), 'The Redwood Massacre' (2015) and 'Attack of the Herbals' (2012).
Russell Geoffrey Banks was born and raised in England. From a young age, Russell was fascinated with movies he recalls how his father would leave VHS tapes recording on the movie channels. Then every time he saw him would give him a box of potluck tapes to watch. Russell was expelled from school at the age of fifteen he worked numerous different jobs from being a market trader to working in call center's to a barman in nightclubs to construction worker to name just a few. He would attend acting classes whenever he could afford to and would write screenplays in his spare time.
Roberto Lombardi was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) and began his career at an early age, appearing on the Gene London Show (1959) at age 7, then began music lessons (drums) and showed a natural ability for music. He quickly moved on to other instruments (bass) in order to learn to not only play, but write his own songs, later taking voice lessons to handle lead vocals.
Sylvain was game tester and editor for Tales of Terror’s gamified book “31 Days of Terror” in 2017. His experience and love of games made him the perfect candidate to rein in a peculiar concept.
Her name is Felicia Lobo and she is a Brooklyn-based Theatre Director, Musician and YouTuber. As a director, she specializes in horror theatre and the silliest of musicals. She wants to make work that creates visceral responses from audiences and laughs in the face of mortality.
She’s an aspiring actress, producer, publicist, and talent agent. "Yes" is her favorite word and she is not wavered by climbing the ladder. A hard worker and a firm believer in achieving the impossible, she has accomplished a lot through determination and loving what she does.
Paige is the director of FredHeads, a documentary about the fandom of Nightmare on Elm Street. She has always been into the horror genre, Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream specifically. She has looked up to Wes Craven her whole life. She’s very active in the Nightmare community and on social media, which has inspired her to cosplay as Kristen Parker, namely, from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.
Shane Ryan began making films at the age of 7 after his father introduced him to video editing at the age of 5. At the age of 14 he decided to delve into dramas and movies about troubled kids. Ryan directed his own films simply as a means for being able to act and write. He never wanted to direct.
Derich lives in the ruins of Belmont Tunnel, just outside of Downtown Los Angeles. He loves movies, true crime stories, synthesizers, and bone-rattlin' beats from the briny deep. He will treat you right, provide for you, nurture your soul. Let him.
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