Artist, developer and entrepreneur in film, video games and communications, Steve Hutchison co-founds Art and Code in 1999, then and its French translation, in 2000. Steve worked on such games as Capcom's Street Fighter, PopCap's Bejeweled, Tetris, Bandai/Namco's Pac-Man and Mattel's Skip-Bo & Phase 10 as a localization manager, 2-D artist and usability expert.
Helped by software engineer Jason Kealey, Steve Hutchison imagined a horror movie review system that was filterable, searchable and sortable by ambiance, genre and content; something that could only be constructed by true fans and for fans.
In March 2013, Steve Hutchison started developing Tales of Terror, this site, with the same goals in mind but with a much finer technology and complex engine, something that wasn’t possible then.
Kim Hutchison is a technical artist, programmer, tools developer, application developer, pipeline and programming consultant. Alongside Steve Hutchison, his brother, he has been working on the Tales of Terror mobile app for the past months.
He worked for DTI software designing and integrating popular video games, he worked at Launchfire as a flash developer, he was character TD trainee at Walt Disney Animation Studios and has been creating integration tools and API’s for cutting edge companies ever since.
He was a Unity3D specialist and technical director at Xtranormal from 2010 to 2013 and started working as a tools developer at Sauropod Studio in 2014.
Jason Kealey co-produces and finances Tales of Terror. He used to translate and edit Steve Hutchison's reviews back when the site was bilingual, in it's first version, between 2000 and 2004. He is now President and CEO of FranchiseBlast, a software development firm producing an integrated software solution for the franchise industry.
Jason co-founded FranchiseBlast back in 2007, building the company from the ground up. FranchiseBlast is a complete franchise management system, helping franchisors take control of their franchise operations.
Jason is a fully licensed software engineer specialized in business processes and software requirements engineering. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa. He makes his home in Gatineau, Quebec.
She has a passion for chalk drawing, painting, fashion and beautiful things. When it comes to movies, she is sensitive to production value, great performances, make-up, sets and costumes.
Creggan Daubeny was a member of the Tales of Terror team from 2012 to 2015. She was a photographer for the Horror Movie Atlas, a quality assurance specialist as well as an editor.
Creggan contributed to articles and two books; The Almanac of Terror and Best of Terror: Top 66 Franchise Horror Movies.
She’s an actress, a horror movie critic and a podcaster. She’s a nostalgic, a romantic, and she’s terribly ambitious!
Katherine Canipe played in The Happys (2016), I Was a Teenage Wereskunk (2016) and Not Looking (2015).
She co-hosts the Boys and Ghouls Podcast and Carrie On: The Sex and the City Podcast. She also contributes to the Horror Honeys website and the Belladonna magazine.
Sylvain was game tester and editor for Tales of Terror’s gamified book “31 Days of Terror” in 2017. His experience and love of games made him the perfect candidate to rein in a peculiar concept.
He enjoyed books from a very young age. As an 11-year-old kid, Dungeons & Dragons especially intrigued him. He envisioned their books as a mean to turn the imaginary into reality. Soon, he began collecting all means of Tabletop Dungeons & Dragons items: books, figurines, maps and dice. He spent all of his teen years playing it as Dungeon Master.
Among his friends, he is the anti-conformist and the natural born leader. He loves directing games and establishing new grounds for his fellow team players. He has a knack for the surreal and the imaginary, tempered by an indomitable taste for perfection. He is known as the chaotic one for having the capacity of critical thinking and letting loose the impossible all at once. His mother is a perfectionist and a French teacher. His father is the adventurous type. This combination probably molded him into the ultimate Dungeon Master. Editing and correcting come naturally and may be attributed to an Obsessive-Compulsive disorder. An inseparable and insufferable part of him.
Derich lives in the ruins of Belmont Tunnel, just outside of Downtown Los Angeles. He loves movies, true crime stories, synthesizers, and bone-rattlin' beats from the briny deep. He will treat you right, provide for you, nurture your soul. Let him.
Derich Heath is a director and producer, known for Night Owls (2017) and Revisiting Hamilton High: The Making of Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II (2015). He is currently working on Midnight Oil, a brand-new film.
When he’s not making films or music, he blogs for and manages online communities. He’s a hardcore horror fan and critic. He’s seen everything!
Jennilee Murray was born and raised on a farm in Kelowna, British Columbia, where at an early age, she enjoyed the arts. She earned her BFA with a concentration on drawing, painting, art history and creative writing at UBC in Kelowna. A move to Ottawa, Ontario brought opportunities to further practice her art, while starting up a creative modeling career, and delving into a varied acting portfolio.
Jennilee's first dabble into film was a modern horror homage to classic gore - Lee Demarbre's Smash Cut alongside David Hess. She also appeared in a national Harvey's commercial and Michael Dubue's live audio adaptation Night of the Living Dead Live!
Currently, Jennilee is working on creating dynamic children's content and scripts, and publishing her first children's book - Alphabetta Natura: An Illustrated Alliteration for All Ages.
Victoria De Mare is one of Hollywood's reigning "Hottest Horror Scream Queens" for over a decade according to the cover feature editorial article of the January 2017 issue of Hustler Magazine. She has appeared in over 110 Film & TV productions & counting. She is best known for her creation & portrayal of the sexy demon succubus clown, "Batty Boop" from the horror/comedy feature series, 'Killjoy'.
She is a graduate of New York University with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and Broadcast Journalism. In addition to being a prolific character actor, she is also a published writer, published poet, professional model, live talk show host & producer, as well as a professional dancer & former member of the Hart Pulse Dance Company, Wilmington Ballet Company, & Joffrey Ballet Company with guest artist performances at the St. Croix Ballet Company in the Virgin Islands.
Victoria is also a professional lead, back-up, & harmony vocalist as well as a songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, music publisher(ASCAP), & catalog artist with over 50 songs on the Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing catalogs. Her 2016 pop/rock album, 'CanUNotTell' & latest 2017 singles are available to download or stream on iTunes, AppleMusic, AmazonMP3, Spotify & everywhere online with ringtones available exclusively on the iPhone worldwide.