These are Tales of Terror in-house games. You will need Flash installed or a Flash compatible device to play them.

  • Horror Movie Memory Game

    Memories of Terror

  • Horror Movie Quiz and Recommendation Tool

    Tastes of Terror

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street Game

    Nightmare House

    Explore the 1428 Elm Street, while Freddy Krueger is lurking around.

  • Friday the 13th Game

    Escape From Camp Crystal Lake

    Explore Crystal Lake and investigate its mysteries.

  • Child's Play/Chucky Game

    Child's Play Chucky Game

    Chucky, the killer doll, has to get some target practice in.

  • Alien Game

    Aliens the Board Game

    Move your team and command them to defeat alien hordes.

  • Phantasm Game

    Phantasm Pinball

    Control The Tall Man's Sentinel sphere in a pinball dimension.

  • Phantasm Game

    Phantasm: Sentinel Hunt

    You are a Sentinel chasing humans for The Tall Man.

  • Terminator 2 Game

    Terminator 2

    Destroy an army of Terminators.

  • Slots of Terror

    Slots of Terror