Fate of Terror 2019: Play Dead!

This book includes 216 reviews of horror movies. half are plausible, the other half supernatural.

Roll a six-sided die three times. Find the sequence within the table of contents. you will be redirected to a random movie and its review.

Hacky the Raccoon

Play footbag with an undead raccoon. Horror RPG Sports/Fighting Game featuring Tom Green, Phil Giroux, Glenn Humplik and Drew Barrymore.

• ARROWS (LEFT/RIGHT) : ....Run/walk left & right
• NUMPAD "."      : .................Lift Raccoon from the ground
• NUMPAD 0        : .................Use main weapon 
• NUMPAD 1/2/3   : ................Specialty 
• ???????? ..........................Secret Move

Hacky the Raccoon was built in 1999/2000 and released in 2001. It was the first Flash fighting and sports game to use gravity and one of the first ever released on Newgrounds. It was made in Flash 5, the first version to allow game development. The original game file was too big for Newground’s early restrictions, so an exception was made to link to the game from Newgrounds. Fifteen years later, we offer you the full embedded Newgrounds experience; as originally designed.
Note: High scores and subscription use old technology and are no longer working. The original source files are still unrecoverable, but the rest of the game works.
STEVE HUTCHISON – concept, design, marketing, art & code
MIKE AWADA as Tom Green
TOM FULP as Glenn Humplik
ADAM ALSO as Phil Giroux
MICHELLE ANNE as Drew Barrymore
LARRY DAY as the Narrator
• HACKY THE RACCOON is the sequel to another viral Flash game: BEAT TOM GREEN ()
• HACKY THE RACCOON received millions of hits in its first years when the MPAA legally threatened Newgrounds founder TOM FULP to take down stolen footage of TOM GREEN’S comedy FREDDY GOT FINGERED ||| more details: http://newgrounds.com/wiki/about-newgrounds/history/stories/mpaa-investi... ~ http://www.newgrounds.com/lit/mpaa.html 
• HACKY THE RACOON creator, artist & developer STEVE HUTCHISON has worked as graphic artist, animator and integrator on games like MATTEL’S SKIP-BO & PHASE 10 for TOM GREEN co-host PHIL GIROUX’s AAA game development company MAGMIC in Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada
• Score as high as you can to unlock DREW BARRYMORE’s character

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