Tales of Terror’s ancestor was a division of Shade.ca, a design, art and code firm located in Gatineau/Ottawa, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The www.terror.ca domain (and www.terreur.ca, its French equivalent) became property of Steve Hutchison and Jason Kealey, co-founders of Shade.ca, and became a redirection to hundreds of bilingual, English and French, horror movie reviews posted by Steve Hutchison between 2001 and 2004.

The 2000 engine, www.shade.ca/reviews, still accessible as archive, had been designed by Jason Kealey, software engineer, using ASP. It features a search engine that allows the user to get recommendations based on genre and subgenre and to sort them according to their score (based on five rating criteria). Some regulars even used the site to learn French or English! Using a CMS prototype, Jason Kealey allowed film critic Steve Hutchison to market movies online for independent and Hollywood studios and distributors.

The new engine is fully designed by artist and developer Steve Hutchison using Drupal. In addition to bringing back the popular features of the Shade.ca review engine, it adds to possibility of classifying, sorting and filtering horror movies and horror movie reviews by mood and threat, or “antagonist type”. The external link system now gives priority to relevant content and encourages reciprocal links. The site is also a community with free membership for any horror fan and a point system. Users can post their own review of the movies found in our database. New host critics now join Steve Hutchison for the occasional review.

The Tales of Terror engine always evolves. For the moment, we are limiting the films we review to certain requirements. We will broaden our horizons as time passes, so keep on checking this page if your film currently doesn't qualify.

To insure you film is reviewed, it should meet the following criteria:

  • - Be available in original, dubbed or subtitled English
  • - Have a runtime of 60 minutes or more

If the film you are promoting fits the requirements, please send us an e-mail (screeners@terror.ca).