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Rating Requirements:
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Here is a list of horror movies sorted by ratings pertaining to a GOOD SCRIPT. Only movies considered highly rewatchable are displayed. To achieve this rank, a film must have a STORY RATING of 4/4, a REWATCH RATING of 1.5/2 or higher and a STAR RATING of 3/4 or higher.

A movie doesn't qualify if it has the following weaknesses:
Bad Plot AwardBad Dialog AwardBad Pace Award   

A GOOD SCRIPT can be defined by its PLOT, DIALOG and PACE. When either of these aspects are flagged as one of the most flawed aspect of a film, it is excluded from the recommendation list.

Horror Movie Rating Priorities for a Good Horror Movie Script
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Secluded in a remote hotel for the winter, a family is terrorized by ghosts.
A bacterial apocalypse polarizes two groups of survivors.
A woman steals a large sum of money and hides in a motel owned by a strange man.
A vampire holds a lawyer captive inside his castle and seduces his girlfriend.
A cyborg and a solider are sent back in time to alter a woman’s future.
A family residing in a remote hotel for a winter becomes entrapped by ghosts.
An ex-convict takes his revenge on the lawyer who defended him.
Haunted by a tragic past, a vampire delivers his life story to a journalist.
A man fights demons inhabiting a remote cottage from which he cannot escape.
A family moves into a town house located near a cemetery rumored to bring back the buried to life.
An injured author is held captive by a demented fan of his.
A cyborg engineered by a corrupted police force is targeted by drug dealers plotting to replace it with their own prototype.
Two medical students stir up trouble after experimenting with a scientific formula that brings back the dead.
A teenager struggles not to feed on humans and spread her curse after being brought back to life by a toxic gas that turned her into a zombie.
A man afflicted by a supernatural disease learns to travel back in the past to make the present better.
Soon after inventing synthetic skin, a scientist brutalized by a mob avenges himself by using his discovery to fool his assailants.
A hitchhiker stalks a driver and frames him for his murders.
Chained to pipes in a disused bathroom, two men are given a puzzle to which they must provide answers.
Different scientists and clerics attempt to heal a young girl believed to be ill or possessed.
Six strangers are invited by a rich couple to spend the night in a supposedly haunted asylum in exchange for a million dollars.