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List of low budget movies from the best to the worst and ranked according to the following rating order:

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Note: Films with low and medium budgets are considered B-Movies. The system uses the QUALITY RATING to simulate this classification. Only films with a QUALITY RATING of 2, 2.5 and 3 are displayed.This list doesn't speak to a film's budget, but rather a prejudiced perception.
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Teenagers partying in a cabin in the woods become possessed by demons.
A woman steals a large sum of money and hides in a motel owned by a strange man.
A monster escapes from a horror comic book and visits a battered boy to inspire him in his vengeance scheme.
A storytelling specter assists a boy in plotting revenge against bullies.
Two medical students stir up trouble after experimenting with a scientific formula that brings back the dead.
A teenager struggles not to feed on humans and spread her curse after being brought back to life by a toxic gas that turned her into a zombie.
A group of friends return to their hometown to defeat a demon that haunted them when they were kids.
The employees of a medical supply warehouse come in contact with a toxic gas that turns the living and the dead into contagious brain-eating revenants.
On Halloween night, partying teenagers stir up spirits inside an abandoned house after a seance.
Teenagers unknowingly carry a demon curse from a haunted house to their school on Halloween night.
While attempting to confirm the death of a revenant, a teenager instead re-animates his past assailer, allowing him to resume his murder spree.
Siblings and their friends, while driving to the desecrated tomb of their grandfather, run out of gas and become the victims of cannibals.
A former marshal infiltrates an underground cannibal hideout to rescue an abducted night radio host.
A masked psychopath stalks and kills teenagers.
An infamous vengeful teenager murderer confined to a lake cheats death and return to his old killing patterns.
A supernatural serial killer considered slayed escapes a morgue to return to the lake where he once drowned.
A zombie outbreak forces different professionals to remain barricaded inside an empty shopping mall.
A university student writing her thesis on local urban legends meddles with a dangerous ghost.
A bullied teenage girl discovers she has telekinetic powers.
Birds of all kinds attack the residents of a small town.