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A list of horror movies from the best to the worst; sorted according to various ratings - Select one or multiple GENRES, SUBGENRES, ANTAGONISTS or MOODS to suit the movie recommendation list to your tastes, or what you fee like watching at the moment.

Horror Movie Rating Priorities for Steve Hutchison
Note: GENRES are major film subdivisions. Most movies belong to many GENRES. The same can be said about SUBGENRES. SUBGENRES can be subdivisions of GENRES or GENRE hybrids. They can also originate from a film era, a cinematic style, a cult audience or a particular market. Most movies belong to many SUBGENRES. MOODS are emotions considered crucial to the plot and conveyed through music, dialog, performances, build-up and pace. MOODS speak to a film's ambiance. A movie usually conveys more than one MOOD.
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Secluded in a remote hotel for the winter, a family is terrorized by ghosts.
Two robots from a post-apocalyptic era travel back in time to alter the teenage years of an influential resistance leader.
A high-maintenance creature gives birth to an army of small devils after being exposed to water.
High schoolers recognize horror movie patterns in the recent deaths of other students.
Three unemployed supernatural investigators start a ghost hunting business.
A scientist in love gradually turns into a fly after experimenting with a teleportation method he discovered.
A teenage girl and her friends die one by one after being tricked and tortured by an evil figure that haunts nightmares.
Teenagers held in a mental institution become the victims of a mad man who invades nightmares and kills through them.
A man fights demons inhabiting a remote cottage from which he cannot escape.
Haunted by a specter in her nightmares, a teenager discovers she is propagating her death curse among her friends.
A wounded cop turned into a cyborg and programmed by a police force investigates a group of organized criminals.
A family moves into a town house located near a cemetery rumored to bring back the buried to life.
A man goes for a virtual vacation on planet Mars as a spy.
Two time travelers attempt to stop the end of the world.
A doll possessed by the ghost of a serial killer pursues a young boy in order to trade souls with him.
An adopted boy once the victim of a possessed doll suspects it found its way to his new foster home.
Teenagers partying in a cabin in the woods become possessed by demons.
A woman steals a large sum of money and hides in a motel owned by a strange man.
A police chief, a scientist and a fisherman set out to stop a great white shark.
A murderer released from a psychiatric institution questions his sanity.